Teacher Feature: Ms. Beruty

A woman with a Christian cross necklace and black dress smiles at the camera.
Photo courtesy of Ms. Beruty

Born and raised in Broward County, AICE Psychology and Peer Counseling teacher, Ms. Krystal Beruty, has joined the Fort Lauderdale High School staff this year. This is her first year teaching at a high school, with her prior experience as an education coach and preschool teacher. 

“I saw the opportunity to work for an incredible school that offered so many opportunities and challenging courses for its students. I jumped at the opportunity!” said Ms. Beruty.

She enjoys teaching psychology and peer counseling due to the interesting ways she can connect to students.

“The reason I wanted to teach high school is because of the conversations and interactions I can have with this age group,” Ms. Beruty said. “I enjoy knowing that I can learn from my students as much as they can learn from me.” 

Outside of school, Ms. Beruty loves her two dogs and reading books. She seems to be a promising new addition to the FLHS staff.

This article is part of our series on new teachers in the 2020-21 school year. To see the full list of new teachers, click here.

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