Movie Review: The Adam Project

Looking for a movie with the perfect balance of heartwarming scenes and hilariousness and Ryan Reynolds on top? Well, The Adam Project on Netflix is a mixture of all three of those!  This sci-fi movie is not only filled with amazing scenes, but also great acting, as it […]

A Scientific Leader

Sophomore student Jordyn Minnis stands out as an exceptional student and classmate who is willing to take the extra step in the community to provide comfort and contentment to those around her. Her love of science pushed her to become involved in an internship at the Museum of […]

Thoughts on Florida’s Reefs

One of the many things I find myself intrigued by⁠ is our coral reefs. We never seem to talk about them, and yet they’re definitely there⁠—the Great Florida Reef, the only reef in the continental United States and the third-largest in the world, is right off our Atlantic […]