New Teachers Join FLHS For 2020 School Year

This is a hub article for our series on new teachers in the 2020-21 school year. It will be continually updated as features are completed. Check back here regularly for more updates.

Fort Lauderdale High School has gained the expertise of several new educators this year. Sadly, students can’t meet them in person due to the pandemic–but we here at the Navigator can bring their personalities and quirks to our readers.

So without further ado, here are this year’s new teachers:

Ms. Beruty

Ms. Beruty is the new AICE Psychology and Peer Counseling teacher. This is her first year teaching high school, but not in education–she has worked in education coaching and early childhood positions in the past. She says the novelty was part of the reason why she chose to come to FLHS. Read more about her here.

Ms. Brochu

Ms. Brochu is a marine biologist who went into teaching after deciding she wanted to share her love of the ocean with others. She teaches marine science. Read more about her here.

Mr. Handwerg

A new math teacher has joined the fray in the form of Mr. Handwerg, who says that he “prefer[s] to remain mysterious. The more rumors the better.” Read more about him here.

Chef Orsolini (center)

Chef Orsolini is the new Culinary Arts teacher, hailing from the south-east of France. A restaurateur lauded for his precision, Chef Orsolini later moved into education, imparting upon his students the ways and knowledge that made him successful while igniting their latent potential in the kitchen. You can read more about him here.

Ms. Patron

Ms. Patron is a new history teacher at FLHS who went into history thanks to her impassioned history teachers. Now, she hopes to be a fun and fair teacher who can do the same for her students. Read more about her here.

Ms. Peña

Ms. Peña is an Urban Teacher Academy Program alumna and is an English and Intensive Reading teacher. She started out not liking English in school, but her teachers inspired her to join the profession and become a better writer. Just as her teachers inspired her, she aims to inspire her students by imparting important life skills and forms relationships with her students. Read more about her here.

Ms. Sarmiento

Ms. Sarmiento is the new Global Perspectives teacher. She is a Flanagan High School alumna and joined the school’s staff in March of this year, and has previous experience in Flanagan High’s Urban Teacher Academy Program and as a substitute. Read more about her here.

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