Teacher Feature: Ms. Avila

Ms. Michelle Avila is the new Reading and Computer Class teacher here at Fort Lauderdale High School. Coming from Piper High School, Ms. Avila brings five years of instructional experience with her, along with a passion for teaching.

  Prior to her work at Piper High, Avila had previously met and worked with Assistant Principal Diana Ospina, which, combined with FLHS’ reputation as an A school, motivated her transfer to FLHS. When asked about her work experience with Avila, Ospina shared, “Ms. Avila is a phenomenal person to be around and is the true definition of a team player. We are thrilled to have her here as a part of our Flying L family.”

Avila shares her wisdom and experience with her students, hoping to influence their real-world lives as well as their academics.  While teaching was always her first choice, Reading/English was not her first focus. Ms. Avila dabbled in banking as well as working in Career Technical Education (CTE), a profession that prepares students for a broad variety of academic and technical knowledge needed to succeed in the labor world. 

Avila’s work experience in these fields helped prepare her for her future in teaching and student relations, which she utilizes in her reading and computer classes. Though Ms. Avila is adjusting nicely to the Flying L environment, she admits not every part is easy. 

“This school has two magnet programs and [a] lack of space. As a result, some teachers, like me, have to move from classroom to classroom,” she shared. “On rainy days, it is challenging. I have to come up with alternate solutions for things that I would normally have a classroom for, like where I can leave my classroom book set. I can’t display my standards or agenda on the board, so I need to do it on Canvas or PowerPoint as a solution to my problem. It is the small things that make it hard.”

Outside of school, Avila learns new activities like playing the piano and even further delves into her work by turning computer and technical activities into computer science and coding hobbies. She even shared her thoughts on wanting to start up a new venture. 

“I wouldn’t mind learning how to sew. If the Fashion Teacher, Ms. Lawford, starts a sewing club, I would definitely join that.”

Ms. Avila’s many passions and experiences are expected to bring an invigorating experience to students and staff. Welcome to the Flying L family, Ms. Avila! 

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