Teacher Feature: Mr. Robbins

Mr. Kyle Robbins recently joined the Fort Lauderdale High School Social Studies Department. He is currently teaching American History, Financial Literacy, and African American History. 

Before coming to FLHS, Mr. Robbins taught for eleven years total, six years in Broward County and five in Pennsylvania. 

He received his bachelor’s degree from Marywood University. Two years later, he studied education at Keystone College. After graduating, Robbins began teaching and focusing on his passion for history.

 A prominent reason Robbins went into teaching was his love of helping youth learn, and he finds history interesting and important. He enjoys how he can pass the lessons from the past on to his students.

“I have a passion for history that runs deep, and I like to pass that on to as many students as I can. I also love my students. Because I am a big kid at heart, it makes it easier to get along with them and help them learn, he said. “You […]  get to investigate things. For instance, the why, who, and where. You can start to see themes develop. When you compare events or people, they take on a different shape. I guess it’s exciting for me.”

The 2022-2023 school year presents many challenges to Robbins as he teaches a brand-new course as well as keeping the reputation of the school. 

“[I] feel a little pressured… teaching three different subjects, one of which I have never taught before,” Robbins replied. “We are an A school, so the pressure is there to keep us at that level.”

Outside of school, Robbins enjoys the company of his three dogs, being involved in the local LGBTQ+  community, and spending time in the kitchen. 

“I love to cook, so I try to do that as much as possible,” he said.  “I can make a fantastic Eggplant Parmigiana.”

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