Teacher Feature: Mr. Puig

The 2022-2023 Fort Lauderdale High School school year kicked off with a new Hospitality, Personal Finance, and Digital Information Technology teacher, Mr. Gerson Puig (pronounced Pooch).

Prior to becoming a Fort Lauderdale High School staff member, Mr. Puig worked remotely at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in education. He carried his business knowledge into the classroom and is a proponent of putting the student’s needs first and building a sense of comradery. 

“I am always here to help and mentor my students or whoever is in need,” Puig said.   “I’ve always had a passion for watching others succeed and grow. [I like] the active ongoing two-way communication between student and teacher.” 

Puig’s students appreciate his demeanor and selflessness.  

“He is pretty helpful: he has helped me get a job!” said Rose Altes (11).  “The first day of school he offered to help us with job applications and resumes, so I took him up on the offer. He helped me write down my skills and how to expand upon them. It was much better than what I had written myself.”

“He is chill, helpful, and involved in students’ lives,” said Luka McCauley  (11). “He is also approachable.”

Mr. Puig’s favorite part about his job is the students and their school pride, and his goal as a teacher is to positively impact students’ lives and build a connection while teaching what he loves.  

“[I like] the respect that the students have for the staff, the school, and in general,” he said.  “[I want] to be focused on the young adult as the individual she/he is. I describe myself as passionate because when exposed to a subject, I want to learn as much with the most level of excitement.  When you are passionate, you transfer that energy.” 

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