Teacher Feature: Chef Orsolini

Three men in chef's jackets stand outside behind a table with cooking implements.
Chef Marius Orsolini (center) and former students Aiden Causey (left) and Coreon Cooper (right) participate in a fundraiser at The Breakers Palm Beach on January 25, 2019. 

Photo courtesy of Chef Orsolini

The new Culinary Arts teacher, Chef Marius Orsolini, has always had a passion for cooking. His first experience cooking was when he was five years old when he helped his mother in the kitchen. He felt as if he was discovering a new world, with enthusiasm. Every time he cooks, he feels a surging passion. 

“Creating something new with all the ingredients and colors is exciting,” he commented. 

Chef Orsolini always tries to ignite a passion for cooking in his students. 

“[My teaching methods have improved over the years by] just getting to know what excites the students and [trying] to incorporate that in the kitchen, while also keeping it healthy and fresh,” he explained. 

In 2018, Chef Orsolini’s former student at Jupiter High School, Collin O’Dwyer, won the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Student of the Year award, and Chef Orsolini was also nominated for the CTE Teacher of the Year award.  

Chef Orsolini has been a teacher for 8 years, and finds it to be rewarding.

“I love sharing my knowledge and watching the students create recipes is a great thing, especially when they are successful,” he shared. 

Chef Orsolini has been teaching at Fort Lauderdale High School for half a year. The thing he enjoys most about the school so far is his kitchen. 

“It’s big, it has nice equipment, and it’s fairly new and a lot of work went into building it.

“I can’t wait to start cooking in it.” 

Before becoming a teacher, Chef Orsolini was a restaurant owner who ran his restaurant strictly and precisely, believing that everything has a time and place. He greatly appreciated all the hard work his team put into their work every day. 

He summarized his mantra succinctly: “One man starts the business, the team makes it successful.”  

We hope to see many Culinary Arts students discovering a new world in the kitchen with a surging passion under the guidance of Chef Orsolini.  

This article is part of our series on new teachers in the 2020-21 school year. To see the full list of new teachers, click here.

Editor’s note: This article is an updated version of an article by the same name published earlier today. The previous version was published by mistake. I apologize for this error.

-Benjamin Schnirman, editor

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