FLHS Receives Academic Honors

Fort Lauderdale High School started off the 2022-2023 school year receiving two prestigious honors.  The school earned an “A” grade from the state of Florida for the 2021-2022 school year and is currently ranked in the top five percent of United States high schools.  

“I’m extremely proud of our students and staff for working so hard to achieve this major accomplishment,” said Principal Erin Brown,  “especially after coming out of a pandemic after two years.” 

Being one of 30 traditional high schools that received an “A”,  Flying L students can keep up this streak by taking challenging classes, excelling on state tests, and attending school every day. Principal Brown has worked with staff to continue the “A” accolade by creating mentoring programs, scheduling math every day for selected students, and implementing the school-wide literacy plan to continue the students’ success. 

The rating not only gives FLHS an outstanding reputation, but it increases the budget for programs, staff, and partnerships. This can be a parent’s deciding factor when choosing the place of their child’s education.

“The schools get accountability funds which in turn go back to the students,” said Brown.

Along with the school’s near-perfect rating from the state of Florida, Fort Lauderdale High School received two other national honors. FLHS was voted into the top five percent of the nation’s high schools according to US News and World Report magazine and was impressively  ranked number 53 out of 300 by the Jay Mathews Challenge Index, used by the Washington Post newspaper and Newsweek magazine.

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