Welcome Week 2022

Fort Lauderdale High School started off its second week of the 2022-2023 school year with a Welcome Week.  

Monday began with Tie Dye Day, bringing all the classes together before the students dressed in their dividing class colors later in the week. 

“The tie-dye shirt with the Flying L shows all of our different departments united as one,” Ms. Carmichael said. As the sponsor of the Student Government Association, Ms. Carmichael interacts with the spirited students who decide on how to carry out spirit week.

As the week continued, each class wore a different color on the date that represented the class’ graduation year.

“I just wanted to do something for the seniors and I thought it would be cool to do it on the 23rd since we are the class of 2023,” Senior Class Vice President Mackenzie Standart (12) said. “So then it became a cool way for each class to be able to celebrate and show some school spirit.”

Tuesday, August 23 was Senior Day, a time to wear white and display their crowns. Several seniors showed off their creativity with their designs. 

“As a senior, we are like butterflies when we started as caterpillars who transformed into our best selves,” said Leahana Foris (12).

Wednesday, the day class of 2024  juniors dressed in blue. Many shades of blue all around campus brought out  Fort Lauderdale High School’s colors of blue and white. Thursday, August 25, sophomores wore red. On the last day, freshmen wore yellow to wrap up the week.

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