Teacher Feature: Ms. Peña-Ramos

Fort Lauderdale High School is proud to welcome a new addition to the math team: Ms. Maried Peña-Ramos. Ms. Peña-Ramos teaches AP Statistics, Algebra 2 Honors, and Geometry. She has taught math since 2002 before coming to teach at FLHS this year. 

Peña-Ramos previously worked at Somerset Academy High School and came to FLHS because she believes the school is structured and diverse, which will help her progress in her professional career.  She prefers high school students because they are impressionable and willing to learn. 

“[I like being] part of the inspiration for the students’ lives and helping them to have academic success,” Peña-Ramos said. “They are more independent and have more awareness of their responsibilities [than] intermediate and elementary students.”

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ms. Peña-Ramos went through four different high schools because she was transitioning through several homes after becoming orphaned. She graduated from Turabo University with a BA degree and a MA degree at Interamericana University, both in Puerto Rico. 

Students benefit from Peña’s teaching style as she keeps the class engaged and ensures all her students are constantly growing and improving their math skills.  

“I like Ms. Peña because she keeps us engaged while she is teaching and that helps me personally to understand math better,” stated Owen Goldfond (9).

Besides being a teacher, Ms. Peña-Ramos enjoys many hobbies outside of school such as reading and watching TV. Ms. Peña enjoys her free time by discovering new places and watching sports live at stadiums. 

“I enjoy [watching games live at stadiums] because it is like learning something new every time and exploring cultures, people, and places.”

Ms. Peña-Ramos is a great addition to the Flying L family.

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