Teacher Feature: Ms. Nadeau

Ms. Melissa Nadeau, one of Fort Lauderdale High School’s newest English teachers, has always wanted to be a teacher. Since she was six years old, it has been her dream, and she does not regret following it. The optimism that comes with teaching is what she loves.

“You’ve got the students, just the comments and ideas.. you hear it [and it] just gives you hope. You know that’s who’s going out there, out there into the world to change things,” Ms. Nadeau said.

Ms. Nadeau grew up in Broward County and moved to Connecticut where she began her teaching career.  For seven years, she taught in a small public school and noticed the difference when returning to South Florida, which she considers home.  

“The benefit of working in a school with only 500 students versus 2,500 students is you really get to know your students and the whole student body,” she said. “Then again, everybody knows everybody and everything about you.”

One of her favorite things about FLHS is the diversity. 

“The best thing is the diversity and the way everybody is included here because I’ve had previous experiences where you could definitely see you belong over there, you belong here. You can’t tell,” she said. “Everyone kind of meshes together.”

In her freetime, Ms. Nadeau is a powerlifter. In fact, she is a Florida state record holder and world qualifier. She has worked hard both physically and mentally for those distinctions.

“You constantly set goals with lifting and it drives me to give my all. Lifting also has taught me about patience…that we all don’t win every time,”  Nadeau shared. “Sometimes you have to go back, work harder, and try again.”

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