A Large Voice From A Little Perspective

Photo courtesy Halima Attah

Halima Attah is a senior at Fort Lauderdale High School who excels both on and off campus in more ways than one. Her school spirit and impactful community engagement have left everyone who interacts with her with a new and refreshing perspective.

Halima has been running her podcast, A Little Perspective, since July of 2020. With over 50 episodes and a Sun Sentinel feature, her personable commentary on societal issues such as racism and the school system allow for younger people to learn about topics that are rarely discussed in their social circles. She claimed that the last push to start content creating was the demonstrations of racial injustice highlighted in the media during 2020. 

“Of course, this motivated me to want to educate those in my community on relevant issues-as doing so prompts positive social change,” stated Attah.

Along with these weekly episodes, she is in the Cambridge Program and several school clubs including the FLHS school band, Thee Sound, as the Saxophone Section Leader. She’s been an active member since freshman year and plans to continue playing her instrument throughout college. Band director Kathryn Scott acknowledges that Thee Sound gains invaluable leadership from Attah’s presence.

”She’s been hardworking for four years, she’s a student leader, and she helps others. She never lets you down,” said Ms. Scott.

Juggling all those responsibilities can get overwhelming and difficult to manage, but she attributes her ability to persist on incentivizing herself. 

“I try to incentivize myself to accomplish things by thinking of what I have to look forward to. Sometimes, a reminder that I get to hang out with my friends on an upcoming weekend, for example, gives me enough motivation to script a podcast episode or finish my AP Research homework,” said Attah. 

She also claims to receive inspiration from her parents and 3 sisters. 

“Back when I was making my earlier episodes, I wanted to take a break. I wasn’t getting enough downloads, I thought. But they told me that I needed to be grateful even if I was only reaching one person. They said to keep at it and I would be successful,” she shared in her Sun Sentinel feature. 

Aside from all her successes and creative instagram posts, she is admirable because of her ability to be relatable and honest. When the mic’s off, she is funny, witty, and a GamePigeon Anagrams prodigy.

“I like anagrams so much because in its eyes, I’m always a winner. Not only because I beat all my friends at it constantly, but because there’s no real way to lose. No matter how many points I get, I always exit GamePigeon knowing I learned a new word, or phonetic pattern,” shared Attah. 

Just one more duty Attah has is being the Opinion and Editorial section editor for The Navigator, a position newspaper advisor Kathleen Jackson regards her highly in.

“I’m constantly impressed by Halima’s desire to learn and her ability to always be productive. What makes her unique is the way she presents herself in a remarkable but humble manner,” said Ms. Jackson. “I wish I’d met her as a freshman.”

In five years, Halima sees herself continuing her education through graduate school after successfully graduating top of her university class and killing the podcast game. 

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