Teacher Feature: Mr. Kulawik

Mr. Kulawik is joined by his students in holding up the L hand sign.

Mr. Arthur Kulawik is the new debate teacher and a new English teacher at Fort Lauderdale High School. He previously worked as an SAT and ACT tutor but decided he wanted a change in career.

I like working with students,” Mr. Kulawik stated. “Debate and Language Arts are much more engaging subjects to teach than how to get a higher score on the SAT and ACT.”

He kept the tutoring job during the 2020-2021 school year, while it was virtual and only took the teaching position at FLHS at the start of this new school year. He feels like he’s settling in.

“I’m still finding the flow of things. I feel like the whole first year of teaching is settling in,” Mr. Kulawik said.

It’s been a challenge but I can see myself getting better every week,“ he said. “The hardest part is being able to balance my attention in making lesson plans, grading, et cetera across multiple classes as well as my responsibilities as coach of the debate team.” 

The payoff for all this work? To Mr. Kulawik, the benefits are simple but important: “Getting to know my students, and seeing them succeed, especially at debate tournaments.”

“Even though Mr. Kulawik got a late start and had pretty big shoes to fill, he has done well and I can’t wait to see what more he accomplishes with the debate team,” said Alexis Perez (12). 

As he continues to settle in, Mr. Kulawik gives credit to his wonderfully helpful colleagues. 

“FLHS teachers are generally remarkably friendly,” he said, “I’ve had lots of advice and help from lots of people, especially Ms. Ospina, Ms. Petersen, and Dr. Beaulieu.” 

Fort Lauderdale High is excited to see where Mr. Kulawik goes with the legacy of the debate team passed onto him.

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