Fort Lauderdale’s Future Educators Embrace Their Community

Fort Lauderdale High School’s Future Florida Educators of America chapter is a service-based club whose goal is to promote education and literacy in their school and community. The members also work to make teachers feel appreciated.

Ms. Valeria Ruwe has been the FFEA sponsor at FLHS for three years and was also a sponsor ten years prior. She chose to be the advisor of this club because she enjoys celebrating FLHS teachers. 

“[Students should join this club if] they want to celebrate teachers and help the community,” she shared. “We help teachers by doing teacher appreciation projects.  We have community service projects for later in the year.”  

The current president of FFEA, Glenna Mae Tomboc (12), has been a part of the club since her sophomore year. She has high ambitions for the future of the club and would like to submit projects for the FFEA convention to show others what they do and find ways outside of helping out the FLHS community that the club can continue next year.

“I wanted to build a safe community that is built on care and dedication to help our Fort Lauderdale High School community and put a smile on people’s faces,” she shares. 

Tomboc said that the most important lesson she believes students can learn from joining this club is kindness. 

“Kindness is very important. We don’t single people out and we try our hardest to keep a very safe and caring vibe,” she said. “Whether it is making a teacher’s day or asking someone to sit at lunch with you, we emphasize the act of kindness.”

Aja Masri , Kayla Duhaney (11), Glenna Tomboc (12) (front), Elisse Manyong (11), Chandra Komolvasri (11), and Regann Rodriguez (11) (back) make teachers sweet-filled bags to spread the holiday spirit.

Students are able to earn service hours through enjoyable and relaxed projects that help the community. Within the club, members work toward creating a comfortable environment where everyone is dedicated to their cause. 

“I think students should join this club because not only is it a good opportunity to get service hours and contribute to the community,” said Chandra Komolvasri (11), who joined the club this year. “You’re also able to meet a bunch of new people and create new friendships.” 

The club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month in room 2064.  A minimum GPA of 2.5, two letters of recommendation, a completed application found on Canvas, and submission of dues through the e-store are required to join.

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