Stronger Together: JROTC Starts a Tradition

On November 4, 2022, Fort Lauderdale High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and Stranahan High School Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps came together to complete the first-ever joint Sword Arch. This historic American ceremony serves to honor the people who pass under the arch and incorporates the military tradition of the sword. 

Stranahan’s Master Gunnery Sergeant James Philyaw, Marine Instructor, shared what inspired collaboration with an NJROTC unit. 

 “The Marine Corps is a department of the Navy so it only makes sense that on occasion we combine our forces. Iron sharpens iron, and that is what we will accomplish as we work together on different projects and missions,” said Sergeant Philyaw.  “There will be times where we will compete and times when we will align. One team, one fight.” 

Cadets from both units found the event exciting and worthwhile.  

“I really enjoyed the collaboration of Stranahan’s MCJROTC and Fort Lauderdale’s NJROTC. In a short period of time, we managed to come together as one unit,” said Stranahan’s Sword Arch Commander Cadet Yailani Mccall (9). “I hope we get to work together more and soon.”

“I honestly like the idea;  it gives us an opportunity to see what it’s like to work with another ROTC, especially a Marine Corps one,” said FLHS Executive Officer Cadet Lieutenant Commander Kaylah Vilca (12). 

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