New Teacher Features 2022

Ms. Scher: Instructional Employee of the Year

Fort Lauderdale High School proudly recognizes Ms. Stefanie Scher as the 2022-2023 Instructional Employee of the Year. She has been a dedicated teacher at FLHS for 27 years, teaching AICE and AP Psychology.  Scher also won this honor approximately 12 years ago, proving her dedication to the difficult courses. 

“I have a demanding schedule, teaching all AP and AICE classes, so I want to prepare students for their exams. But, I  also [want to] help them enjoy learning about psychology,” said Scher.

She is not only fond of her subjects but also of the school’s environment. 

“I really enjoy the diverse array of students that come here, and I like interacting with my colleagues,” she said. 

Students appreciate Scher’s passion for both her subjects and students. She works very hard to make the content interesting and strives to help her students feel comfortable in her classroom. 

Julia Maier (12), who took Scher’s AICE and AP Psychology classes, felt devoted to her. Running out of Scher’s courses to take, she found a way to have her class again by becoming her Teacher’s Assistant.

 “She’s a great teacher because she does experiments to help us understand. She truly cares for her students and makes us feel welcome,” Maier explained. “I wanted to be her TA because I have had her [for] two years already, and every year she is my [favorite] teacher.”

Ms. Scher is happy to win the award as the Instructional Employee of the Year. 

“I feel very honored,” Scher remarked. “Teachers don’t always get outwardly appreciated, so it’s nice to get this award. I had some formidable competition!”

In her years at FLHS, Principal Brown has witnessed Scher’s outstanding teaching.

“Ms. Scher’s psychology students love her lessons and use her content to help them in a variety of studies. Our incredible Teacher of the Year uses engagement strategies to hook her students and keep them connected in the lesson throughout the entire period,” Brown stated.

“Don’t let Ms. Scher fool you. She may be tiny, but her lessons are mighty!”

“We appreciate you, Ms. Scher, and all you do for FLHS!”

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