Teacher Feature: Ms. Moran

By Raamalaxmi Thiagarajan and Ayanna M. Clarke

Photo courtesy Ms. Elizabeth Moran

Fort Lauderdale High School would like to give a big welcome to Ms. Elizabeth Moran, a recent addition to the Flying L Social Studies Department teaching AICE United States History and AICE European History. 

Though Moran is now extremely passionate about her job, she did not initially plan on becoming a high school teacher.

“I always planned on being a history teacher, but at first I wanted to teach middle school. This was because my most inspiring teacher was my middle school social studies teacher, Ms. G,” she shared. “However, I taught high school and enjoyed it so much that I have only ever taught high school in the end.”

Moran has five years of teaching experience and enjoys her job at FLHS. She enjoys watching her students become independent people and her goal as a teacher is to challenge her students in their learning.

“Teaching is just plain fun! It is amazing to see the growth your students make in one year and knowing you helped them do that,” she said. “The experience has made me better because I have done this before. Nothing is a surprise!”

Moran strives to be the type of teacher that makes her students enjoy attending class because they believe that their teacher makes the content as interesting as possible. 

“I like her energy and her vibe,” Aniyah Henry (11) said. ‘She’s always energetic no matter what time of day it is. She’s very positive and encouraging.”

Let’s give a warm welcome to the Social Studies Department’s new Flying L! 

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