What is MindFULLme?

MindFULLme is an organization and club created in 2020 to provide a safe place where students can express themselves. The club’s advisor, Mr. Dan Katz, is aware of all the stress school can bring and wanted to add some positivity to school life. Its student board consists of President, Ben Polsky; Vice President, Abimbola Otusanya; Secretary,  Sarah Abreu; and Treasurer, Mya Aly. 

The club is open to all students who want to destress and just feel like they can release.  

“This is an incredibly welcoming group where people can relax, learn some mindfulness tools, and have a good time,” said Mr. Katz.

Meetings start with a circle of introductions and sharing of any issues or experiences. Group members provide comments and advice to use, which promotes valuable conversation. There is always a period of silent meditation and an opportunity to put oneself in a positive mindset.

Isabella Valenzano (11) attended a meeting and found the experience to be helpful and recommended it to students who think they may benefit, as well.

“I went to a meeting where they invited a speaker who talked about mindfulness,” Valenzano said. “She talked to us about how it’s normal to be upset, and how we don’t have to let it overtake us.” 

The speaker suggested that students allocate 30 minutes even to be upset, and after those 30 minutes, try to think positively.  

“I used that tip when a family member was upset and found that it really works,” said Valenzano.

The meetings are every other Monday from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall, and everyone is welcome to come for  a mental break.

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  1. Without a doubt, mindfulness is a practice that should be socialized and become part of everyone’s daily routine. excellent initiative


  2. Well done Mía! Great article, I’m proud of you and looking forward to read more from you ❤ MINDULLme is a Great resource for students! I’ve met Mr.Katz and members on the Parent & Student Wellness Summit and I was amazed by this Club immediately.


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