FLHS’s Take on IDs

Fort Lauderdale High School students have noticed a more unified effort in enforcing school IDs. Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) have strongly enforced wearing IDs after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting in 2018. 

Students are required to wear their IDs because they are part of the Broward County Public School dress code, and all teachers and staff are more serious when checking students for IDs. With the large amount of people coming in and out of the school, staff members see it vital to be able to distinguish FLHS students and staff.  Ninth grade assistant principal Mr. Eddie Rodriguez has been working hard to maintain a safe and orderly campus.

“[IDs] make sure every student here is registered to be on campus,” he said. “There are 2,400 students and sometimes it’s hard to tell which students are our students. The best way to make sure they are current students is to have an updated, […] unique ID.”

Campus Monitor Mrs. Robbins believes that ID’s are important to make sure the school is safe. 

“We know they are [our] students at Fort Lauderdale High,” she said. “Sure I know the students at this school, but what about visitors who don’t?”

Students like Elijah Laster (9)  believe in the purpose of wearing an ID on campus. 

“It keeps unauthorized people from entering the school,” he said. “It helps in being able to identify people and staff members.”

While some students, if they had the choice, would opt out of wearing an ID due to comfort, it is a primary solution to keeping the campus free of trespassers. 

“What’s more important than being uncomfortable is ensuring that every student is here and safe,” said Rodriguez. “.The sacrifice of having an ID around your neck is a small price to pay to ensure that every student in this school and […] our community is safe.”

FLHS has a strict policy about students wearing their ID. The first offense leads to a call to their parent or legal guardian, resulting in Saturday School. Yet, students still debate whether or not an ID is necessary.

The revised ID of this year includes a prominent yellow-green front with a royal blue back, vastly different from last year’s design.

Wearing an ID is a permanent policy in BCPS, whether the students like them or not, they are needed for our safety.

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