Meet Your Sophomore Class President: Marvin Exantus!

Marvin Exantus was voted the 2022-2023 Sophomore Class President. He is a Pre-Law and Public Affairs Magnet Program student here at Fort Lauderdale High School. He first became interested in law after studying the legal system in middle school and participating in mock trials. This sparked his passion for law and prompted him to not only come to FLHS but to join the Mock-Trial Cub. 

Exantus was inspired to run for Class President to continue his parents’ FLHS legacy. 

“There’s a couple of reasons why I decided to run,” he explained. “Both my parents went to Fort Lauderdale High School. My dad was athletic;  that’s how he left his mark here at Fort Lauderdale [because] he was on the football team […].”

His interests in law and other areas, however,  pushed Exantus toward a more academic path.  

“I just wanted to leave my mark on the school as being a third generation [FLHS] student in my family,”  he said. “I just am very passionate about getting things done and doing what I need to do to make sure my school year is the best it can be.”

Class presidents are responsible for doing anything necessary to plan for the senior year of their class. They make sure the class starts well financially, lead the other officers, and are the bridge between the students and the administration as an ambassador for their class. As head representative of his class, Exantus does have goals in mind for the future.

“My main goal right now is getting these class hoodies ordered [in time for the pep rally] so that we can boost the Class of 2025’s class spirit,” he explained. “ I just want to let the students and everybody know that the Class of 2025 is coming for the rest of the classes and that we’re ready to be unstoppable and take over.”

Reach out to Exantus and the Class of 2025 on Instagram: @flhs2025

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