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Start Strong With These Tips

A boy leaning over the side of a desk counsels another sitting with a laptop.
Sophomore Eric Tovin (left) asks senior Benjamin Schnirman (right) for help.
Photo Benjamin Schnirman

When it comes to starting high school, many students have a barrage of questions. The freshmen are in a brand new school, and the sophomores who did online last year are also new to the campus. Here are some tips to get you ready for high school:

  • Take classes you actually like. (Halima Attah, 12)
  • Participate as much as you can in class. (Halima Attah, 12)
  • Take your classes seriously. (Allyson Valera-Nava, 12)
  • Go to social events. (Allyson Valera-Nava, 12)
  • Don’t forget to do your service hours and turn them in. (Allyson Varela-Nava, 12)
  • Make a rough, broad schedule that you can stick to. (Ashlyn Young, 11)
  • Have an agenda to write stuff down. (Ashlyn Young, 11)
  • Try to eat outside as much as you can. Take a break from the AC-filled classroom and soak up the sun for a while. (Ashlyn Young, 11)
  • Figure out where you’re going because you won’t have the time to stop and think about it later. (Benjamin Schnirman, 12)
  • Your freshman GPA is what makes or breaks you. (Linda Forestan, 12)
  • Freshman year is the most important year and junior year is the hardest year. (Brianna Lewis, 12)
  • Join clubs and extracurriculars, that’s gonna make your high school experience a lot more fun. (Courtney Williams, 12)
  • Make sure your classes are at your level. (Julia Sarosick, 12)

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