FLHS Poetry Club Rebrands

Courtesy Dead Poets Society of Fort Lauderdale High School

Dead Poets Society, previously known as Write The Waves, is a creative writing club at Fort Lauderdale High School.

Rebranding the club was the idea of Club President, Joaquina Ortuno (12).

“[The movie Dead Poets Society] made the idea of getting together to focus on poetry seem fun and exciting. I want to portray the same vibe for the club.” Ortuno explained. “If you want to immerse yourself into the community and apply what you’re learning [in classes or in life], our club is a great place for that. The club is a great place for immediate feedback from a very accepting community of writers.”

The club is an amazing tool for new poets to become comfortable with their writing. 

“I joined the club in my freshman year when I was super shy. The club members were all okay with [the fact that I barely even wrote]. It helped knowing [there was no] obligation to offer constructive criticism, but they did anyway. I slowly began to open up more in my writings, and with the club members,” Naliah Nettles (11), a veteran member of Dead Poets Society, shared “The main reason for my boost in confidence from this club has been the people in it. Ms. Peterson and my fellow members are all extremely accepting and open; their confidence became my confidence.” 

Ms. Joanna Petersen, the club advisor, noticed a change in her club members over time. 

“Seeing students able to express themselves and being able to share difficult things in a supportive atmosphere,” she said, “to grow and develop as a result [as well as] overcoming their fears of going on stage and taking ownership for their experiences.”

Dead Poets Society meets on Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 in room 506, where cookies, tea, and hot cocoa are provided.

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