Varsity Volleyball Looks Forward

Photo Ashlyn Young
The team gathers round during the game against Pompano.
Photo Ashlyn Young

The First Game

The Fort Lauderdale girls varsity volleyball team season has just begun. In their first game against the Pompano Tornadoes, they lost in three sets.

Paige Buccarelli (11) said, “We’re proud of ourselves for our first game. The crowd was going crazy, to say the least.”

The first set was a close one, with a score of 22-25. The next two were not as close, but the Flying L’s fought hard until the end. 

“We have a talented young group this year. While we didn’t win the match, we won in a  lot of other ways. This match was a great experience against a tough competitor as we learn together as a team. I’m looking forward to a great season,” said Coach Jodi Washington. 

As their first loss, they have learned the importance of teamwork and communication. They are working hard to prepare to win against the next school.

“I’m looking forward to everyone showing up to our home game [on Monday, September 2 against Dillard],” said Buccarelli.

Varsity Comeback

The Lady L’s quickly forgot about their first match loss and pulled off a win against Dillard High. The first game, losing 3-0, was forgotten by their 3-0 win against Dillard High. They learned from the first game how to work as a team and pulled off a win. 

Captain, Ryan Brooks, a very experienced volleyball athlete of four years, was on the court as the “libero”, and position in charge of “giving the setter good passes.”

Brooks said, “I feel that we played extremely well yesterday. We all have great energy and chemistry on the court and I love getting cheered for while at a home game. I’m ecstatic for the season and to play with the team. I love my girls and I love the season so far.”

Away Game at Coral Springs

The FLHS varsity volleyball team won another game on September first. The Coral Springs game was difficult and they played well together. FLHS won 3-1 by calling for the ball and cheering each other on. 

Setter, Jessica Guerra, said, “We really communicated on the court. Even when we’re on the bench you can help the team call things out.”

“Teams who are loud and excited are the most intimidating and that’s what they were”, said Guerra. This triumph has encouraged them to take on a stronger role in the game.

Varsity Future

The varsity volleyball season has been developing into a successful team. With their wins against Dillard, Hollywood Hills, and Monarch, they are gaining confidence in each other.

Ryan Brooks (12), Azana Woodens (11), and Wren Ruby (11) prepare to take on a serve against Pompano Beach.
Photo Ashlyn Young

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