Flying L’s Prevail Against Monarch Knights

Malik Knight (12) looks on to the field during the September 3 game against Monarch High School.
Photo Angel Noriega-Rodriguez

On September 3, The Fort Lauderdale High School football team took on Monarch High School in their third game, defeating the Knights 28-12.

Head Coach Richard Dunbar III was skeptical of the team’s play.

“It was an average night for us, we did not play our best football,” Coach Dunbar commented. “We have to do better with player organization, and understanding play calls, offensively speaking. Defensively, we have to work on tackling, giving the [quarterback] more pressure. Not taking any credit away from the boys, they fought hard, showed a tremendous amount of resilience, and had a lot of heart.”

Wide Receiver Malik Knight (12) gave his thoughts on the game.

“Our offense won the game for us. It was tied up going into halftime.  When we came back out, we put up three touchdowns to win the game. Coach told us that anything worth having is worth fighting for,” Knight said.

Knight scored with three touchdown receptions, and fellow wide receiver Patrick Boyd (11) completed one.

When asked about which school would give the Flying L’s a run for their money next, Coach Dunbar said the Western Wildcats.

“We have a big test coming up this Friday against them. They are a powerhouse,” Coach Dunbar said.  “It’s going to be physical, fast paced, and difficult against them. It’ll be a good game, and a chance to show off what we’re made of.”

Coach Dunbar also talked about how it felt to be back in the normal routine. 

“It feels great. Hearing the marching band and cheerleaders, having the students there to cheer us on, it’s amazing,” he said. “This past year has thrown us off, and it’s amazing to finally get back into a sense of normalcy.”

The Flying L’s face the Western Wildcats tonight for an away game. If you plan on attending the game, remember to wear blue and white to support your Flying L’s!

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