Alexandra Stone: Not Your Average Teenager

Alexandra Stone (12) has an impressive work ethic, both in and out of school.  She has figured out how to balance multiple extracurricular activities as well as academic rigor and success. After getting to know her, it seems she accomplishes more in a week than many high school students complete in a semester.  

Stone first sees herself as a dancer. She holds the highest rank as a principal dancer at Dance Dimensions studio. Dancing since she was three, Stone has recently performed in her last show before graduation as one of the lead roles, Carabosse (commonly known as Maleficent), in the Sleeping Beauty ballet. Stone recalls performing in her first ever ballet as a demi-core dancer, the lowest rank in dance studios, and wanting to play this role.

“It was out of my comfort zone having to be so confident in a role because I’m a quiet person,” she explained. “I learned to dance and feel more like Carabosse, commanding the stage. It was empowering being able to play such a role […] that embodies evil.” Carabosse is the only character allowed to interact with the audience and dancers, and for Stone having to play Carabosse was a new experience. As the play went on, Stone became closer to the character and what exactly it is that Carabose is meant to symbolize. 

While dancing is where she spends most of her time because of its demanding schedule, Stone has also acquired a passion for recreational scuba diving. This has led her to receive an advanced open-water diving certificate, which requires experience in cave diving, night diving, nitrox diving [entering open waters with a higher amount of oxygen to prevent harmful side effects], and wreck diving. All types require the ability to handle harsh underwater conditions such as high pressure and lack of light.  

“I like learning about the ocean, going into a different place where I am seeing something new that I cannot experience on land,” said Stone. 

Stone not only explores below land but also spends time in the air. When Stone was four years old, her father took her to the Pompano AirPark where she learned to help put together an airplane engine. 

“There was something about working with all the plane parts and finally seeing the propeller begin to turn that sparked my interest in engineering,” said Stone.

With her interest in engineering, Stone has considered a possible major in Oceanic Environmental Engineering studies at Boston College. At first, Stone thought about studying aerospace engineering. However, after working with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and Sea Experience to install man-made reefs, she hopes to be an environmental engineering consultant. 

It is difficult to imagine that Stone also works at Mathnasium as a tutor in all math subjects up to Integral Calculus. 

“Alex is a hard-working student and is extremely smart,” said Ms. Corzo,  Fort Lauderdale High School math teacher who has had Stone for two years. “She’s very reserved, so it’s surprising to hear that she does all these extracurricular activities, but there’s no doubt she is capable of all these feats.” 

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