Memoriam for Mrs. Malak

Mrs. Gallagher and Mrs. Malak

Mrs. Anita Malak was a beloved member of Fort Lauderdale High School who sadly passed away on August 1, 2022. She joined the FLHS family in the school year of 2016-2017 as an English teacher.

Mrs. Malak obtained an undergraduate’s degree at American University in Washington DC and a master’s degree in English from Nova Southeastern University. Her first year teaching was in 2002 at Northeast High School where she met Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher, FLHS’s 12th grade Assistant Principal. After several years of teaching, Mrs. Malak joined the FLHS faculty.

“I always considered Anita to be a good friend, a loving mom, and a caring teacher.  She had a dry and sarcastic sense of humor,” said Mrs. Gallagher. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have watched her work with students who truly needed someone who cared…and I got to watch it for 20 years.”

English Department Chair, Dr. Christopher Beaulieu, was one of Mrs. Malak’s closest colleagues. 

“Mrs. Malak was a strong member of the English Language Arts Department,” he said.  “Her students will be better off for being in a class with her. [She] was a dedicated and kind woman who cared much for others and was always there when someone needed help.”

Former FLHS teacher Mrs. Ann Wayland-Cook was a close friend of Mrs. Malak. She shared some insight regarding her personal life. 

“Anita loved her family. Her husband Gabriel and the light of her life, her son Michael. She adored her Goldendoodle Sebastian above all,” said Mrs. Wayland-Cook. “She would save her money so she could travel – she never turned down an adventure or vacation and always made the best of her time away.”

Mrs. Malak influenced many students over her five years of teaching at FLHS. “One of my fondest memories of her was how a few classmates and I would bring her Cuties everyday in class,” said Ashlyn Young (12). “She was always so happy and excited to teach my class.”

Mrs. Malak will always be remembered by the FLHS family.

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