Teacher Feature: Ms. Reid

By Raamalaxmi Thiagarajan and Layla A. Davidson

Photo courtesy Ms. Erica Reid

Fort Lauderdale High School’s new English teacher, Ms. Erica Reid, has always enjoyed English. She started teaching at Fort Lauderdale High School in March of last year.

Though she said working in the middle of a pandemic was a time of difficulty, she enjoyed teaching.

Ms. Reid has been teaching for 17 years, and from watching her teachers teach, she understood what she is destined to do, and that is teaching.

“I did not always plan to be an English teacher. However, while in high school, I had great English language and literature teachers,” she said. “They made the subject simple and interesting, which encouraged me to teach English as well.”

Another aspect of teaching that she finds intriguing is seeing the diversity amongst students and hearing and learning about their culture.

She believes she has received great hospitality from students and staff. Ms. Reid has learned many things throughout her educational journey and life, but she gains new information from her students every day. 

“The staff and students are friendly, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the students I meet,” she said.

Ms. Reid believes that family is an essential thing to have and cherish. She is married with a son. COVID-19 has put a halt on her plans to visit her family, but once COVID cases have decreased, she said she plans to visit her homeland of Jamaica.

She believes in a positive study environment for her and her students. She tries to bring positive vibes to her students and everyone around her.

“I’ve had some excellent teachers over the years, and I have learned that teaching is not just about book knowledge, but it’s about creativity and curiosity with that child who is willing to learn.”

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