Jake Phillips: Future Rock Star

Fort Lauderdale High School senior Jake Phillips has a musical gift: the guitar. Being introduced at a young age by his parents to rock, metal, and blues, he grew up learning to express himself through creating and learning rhythms on his guitar. 

 “I had a guitar teacher for the majority of my time playing guitar; however, in the last few years, I’ve been self-taught,” Phillips said.

Crowned most likely to be a rock star in the senior superlatives, Phillips knows his way around a guitar as he’s been playing for over 10 years.

He is in a band called Blackwater Sound with four other bandmates, one being his younger brother Cole (10). The band has been touring South Florida for two years where they perform in pubs and dive bars. They greatly look forward to performing anywhere, but Phillip’s all-time favorite was performing at Margaritaville in Key West. Blackwater Sound plays covers of their favorite rock songs but has also produced an original. 

“A big moment for me was when we wrote and recorded our original song “Dante’s View” in a professional studio,” he shared.  

Already having professional recordings, Phillips and his band are constantly gaining more entertainment knowledge and learning how to navigate through the music industry. 

When playing the guitar and the occasional bass, the music gives Phillips a creative outlet. It provides him with a healthy mind which prompts him to step out of his comfort zone.

“I like how healthy it is for my mental state of mind. It also pushes my boundaries of what I’m capable of playing,” he said.  

Not only does he play for fun, but he has also found a way to help his community. Phillips works with underprivileged children in Key West, teaching guitar, showing him how music can impact and benefit families, too. 

Phillips succeeds in his musical journey as well as throughout his academics, where he will be attending the University of Florida after graduation. This FLHS senior sets a prime example of incorporating passions, like music, into helping themselves and others to succeed.

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