Staff Feature: Mrs. Aquino

Mrs. Michelle Aquino joined the Fort Lauderdale High School staff this school year as the Office Manager.

Mrs. Aquino came to FLHS from Cypress Bay High School where she worked as an Administrative Assistant and Textbook Coordinator. She made the move to FLHS so she could spend more time with her family. 

“I chose to come to [FLHS] because I heard great things about Mrs. Brown. My family was relocating from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. So, it was convenient for me to come here, to a new school which is an A school,” Mrs. Aquino explained.

While going to middle school and half of high school, Mrs. Aquino lived in the Dominican Republic for several years. She worked at Falcon Air Express for seven years as a flight attendant before deciding she wanted to work at a school.  

While working as a flight attendant for Falcon Air Express, Aquino traveled with the Chicago Bulls and became a fan. She attended every Chicago Bulls 2017-2019 season game.  

She has passed along her interest in sports and now focuses on her children’s activities.

“I’m a mother of two. We are a heavy sports family,” she expressed. “My interests now are taking my kids to their sports events. They’re both heavily in sports: volleyball and basketball.”

Fort Lauderdale High’s ELL Coordinator and Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Ms. Norayda Suarez worked with Aquino at Cypress Bay High School. 

“Mrs. Aquino radiates an energy that is infectious. She is incredibly kind and approachable. Her ‘We Got This’ mentality is refreshing,” said Ms. Suarez. “FLHS is truly fortunate to have such a positive and uplifting new member of the family.”

Principal Erin Brown is happy to have Mrs. Aquino as a member of her own staff.

“A good office manager has great relationships with all stakeholders-students, staff, parents, and community members. They know how to multitask, stay organized and prioritize tasks.  They are flexible and helpful with anything asked of them,” said Principal Brown. “Mrs. Aquino is an absolute pleasure to have as an Office Manager. She handles all tasks with professionalism and takes care of our Fort Lauderdale community.”

The FLHS family welcomes Mrs. Aquino and looks forward to a long relationship.

“My wish is to stay here at Fort Lauderdale High until my retirement years,” she said.

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