Trend of the Week: Dr. Martens

The FLHS Navigator team is introducing a new weekly article feature!

These articles will highlight students’ individuality and uniqueness by sharing some of the best outfits seen through the week. Additionally, it will reveal the common fashion trends while exploring the thought process behind these choices. 

This week we are highlighting students incorporating Dr. Martens in their outfits.

Maya Merskin (11) said, “ I thought that the baggy jeans mixed with Dr. Martens complimented each other well, but I feel like today, matching my shoes with my outfit was more of a subconscious decision.”

Maya Merskin (11) highlights her shoes with loose pants.
Adyana Fuentes (11) shows off her pairing of Dr Martens with a dress.

“I feel that the shoes I’m wearing go with pretty much everything which is why I wore them, but I do always take into consideration whether or not my shoes match,” Nora La Fleur (12) pointed out.

Students at FLHS are expressing themselves through their clothing, all the way down to their shoes. They are learning what styles and pallets suit them and their personality best.

“I usually don’t match my shoes because I want them to blend in,” Adyana Fuentes (11) said, “so I remain with neutral colors like black and white.” 

Be sure to dress your Flying L best, and continue to be trendy!

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  1. Love it!!! Doc Martins are a staple in our closets. They provide comfort and style which feeds into functionality. What a great article. Great perspective.

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