Serving a Purpose: Commander Coyle

Lieutenant Commander Brian Coyle’s purpose in life is to positively impact others. He joined the United States Navy not only to serve his country but also to fulfill an inner calling. 

“[…] what I enjoyed the most about serving in the Navy is the sense of serving others,” Coyle said,  “that ‘old-fashioned’ notion of service to our country, and of contributing to something greater than myself.” 

Before coming to Fort Lauderdale High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp,  LCDR Brian Coyle worked at the United Service Organizations, helping military families. 

“Immediately prior to coming to Fort Lauderdale High School to be a Naval Science Instructor, I worked for 12 years with the United Service Organizations,” Coyle said, “which is a worldwide non-profit focused on lifting the spirits of American s/ervice members and their families.”

LCDR Brian Coyle came to the FLHS NJROTC program because he wanted to have a positive effect on students’ lives, just like his mentors did for him. 

“[…] it’s because I remember a couple of instrumental teachers and coaches in my high school days,” Coyle said. “I wanted to be able to have the same type of impact on other people’s lives.”

When he is away from the program, Coyle is either pursuing his master’s or spending time with his wife, “doing anything or nothing.”

“I am close to the end of a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy and those studies take a fair portion of my time away from the NJROTC program at Fort Lauderdale High School,” Coyle said. “When I do have extra time, I enjoy spending it with my wife…tending to our animals, reading fiction, and riding our Indian Roadmaster motorcycle.”

Coyle is revered by both his fellow instructor Chief Tyson and his students, as a very admirable person.  

“LCDR Coyle has a wealth of knowledge, and it’s always good to have new leadership in the Battalion so the cadets learn different leadership styles,” said Chief Tyson, Naval Science Instructor.

“I think he’s awesome. He’s a great leader, he shows great fellowship, and he’s always looking after his students,” said Natalie Avila (11), Cadet Seaman Recruit NJROTC.

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