A Campus Beautiful

FLHS students pick up trash around Building 5 at the campus beautification event Jan. 8.
Photo courtesy Bori Lenard

On Jan. 8, Fort Lauderdale High School hosted a campus beautification event that helped students complete necessary service hours. Students picked up trash to clean up the campus. 

The event was organized by Behavior Specialist Bori Lenard.

“I set the event up to help students…because many of them have expressed frustrations with opportunities for community service hours,” said Mr. Lenard. “Some other students came out because they were concerned about the environment.”

Approximately 60 students participated in improving the FLHS campus.  

“I chose to attend because I love my school and want to make sure it’s clean, especially the outside main hallway and bus loop area,” said Carleigh Tripp (9).  “There was everything from hair ties to cartons with spoiled milk. I also attended because it gave us service hours.” 

Students considered this a way to show their school pride.  

“This event formed a connection to the school and showed me how much this school means to me and others,” said Ashlyn Young (11). “I found it really nice that people came to clean up the school they go to, even if the main attraction was service hours.”

The school administration was pleased with the results of Mr. Lenard’s event.  

Assistant Principal Karleen Thompson said, “It was like a breath of fresh air to see how dedicated FLHS students were in ensuring their campus looked beautiful.”

Discussions are underway to continue this beautification and community building project.   

“It’s always a pleasure to work with the students especially when they’re enthusiastic and it’s for a good cause outside of regular school hours,” said Mr. Lenard.

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