Teacher Feature: Ms. Stewart

Photo courtesy Mrs. Erica Reid

Fort Lauderdale High School is proud to welcome Ms. Cerine Stewart. This 2021-2022 school year is her first year teaching at FLHS.   She is from Jamaica and moved to Florida in 2012. She traveled back and forth from Jamaica to Florida for years until she finally settled down in the Sunshine State.

Stewart teaches English 1 and Creative Writing, which is her favorite.  

 “Creative writing is similar to English. However, we allow [the students]  to write freely. We bring the literature aspect to it as well,”  Stewart said.  “We look at the figurative language, the characters, how you develop your characters, your plot, and the different types of characters you would have. It’s tweaking that creativity and putting the English aspect in it – especially with the figurative language – to bring your thoughts on paper to life.”

While in high school, Ms. Stewart started filling in for her teachers when they were absent.  Her teachers often told her that she would be a good teacher, so she became one and enjoyed it.

 “I remember a teacher telling me, ‘You know, you would be a good teacher,’ ” she said. “I like interacting with kids.  I like to talk to them about life.”  

She also enjoys learning from her students,  

“They have taught me patience. They have taught me tolerance,” she explained.  “ They have taught me not to be as contentious as I once was. If you said something, I could be quick to respond.” 

The diversity and welcoming staff make FLHS an excellent place for Stewart to work. 

“I like the diversity. I like the fact that the teachers are warm and welcoming. I like the genuineness,” she said. “I like the camaraderie. I like the maturity of the teachers and kids. They’re not always perfect, but you make the best out of each day.”

Let’s give a warm welcome to Ms. Stewart to FLHS because she’s here to stay!

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