Flying L’s Win First District Title in 55 Years

The team celebrates with a photo after the win against Atlantic.
Photo courtesy Coach Dunbar

On October 29, the Flying L Football Team faced the Atlantic Eagles in the Class 7A District 13 final. The Flying L’s came out victorious, securing their first district championship since 1966. 

Winning this district championship has significant meaning.

“The team deserves this. I’m extremely happy that we won it. I’m happy because the players, the community, and the school have something to show for the hard work we put into this,” Head Coach Richard Dunbar said. “It’s been a long time coming, considering we are the oldest school in Broward County.”

Isaiah Alcime, senior safety, sealed the game with an interception.

“It felt great. It was such a relief because it was going to be a close game, and that just sealed it for us,” said Alcime. “ Everybody was high-fiving me, jumping up and down, and getting really hyped. Everyone was just so happy.”

Kicker Jeffery Joseph (12), who passed by Isaiah while interchanging between offense and defense on the field, had a feeling something was coming.

“I kicked the ball and I said to [Isaiah] while he was running onto the field, ‘There’s a pick coming.’” 

Friday’s victory sparked emotions throughout the team.  

“To the team, it meant a lot. We made history,” Joseph said. “We set the way for the younger guys.”

Winning the district means that Fort Lauderdale will be in the playoffs. Coach Dunbar talked about how the team plans to head into this year’s first playoff run.

“We gotta play the same way we’re playing, make sure that we don’t lose. We have to continue attacking and being aggressive, just make things happen,” He said. “If we do that, there’s no doubt in my mind that we can’t win it all.” 

Tonight (November 5) is the Homecoming game against the Stranahan Mighty Dragons, the teams oldest rival. Dunbar told us how the team is preparing for the game.

“I feel great coming into this Homecoming game. we’re playing really good football right now. I like our chances of winning and the boys’ focus this week seems to be better than usual. We are locked in.” 

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