First Priority: Connecting Students to Christianity

First Priority is the Christian club at Fort Lauderdale High School, and it is also present at many high schools throughout Broward County.

“First Priority is a club where everyone is welcome and hope is found. It is a safe place to ask big questions about faith and life,” said Daniel Sommers, a local youth pastor and the leader of FLHS First Priority.  “We’ve been running [since last year] on Tuesdays during A and B lunch in the lecture hall and we don’t plan to stop! We’d love everyone at FLHS [to] give First Priority a shot one time, we promise it’s worth it!” 

Meetings typically consist of Sommers speaking to teach an aspect of the Christain faith. Sometimes, instead of preaching himself, Sommers plays a video to teach the attendees about faith. The club also consists of several student leaders from every grade, who play a large part in the setting up of meetings and, on occasion, speak to the group.  

“I helped start this club because [we felt] that it was vital that the message of love found in the Bible could be heard by all students at Fort Lauderdale High School, both Christian and non-christian,” advisor Mrs. Muha said.

However, that is not all that is offered by the First Priority club. Friday events are occasionally held under the name of Movement Student Ministry, and are also run by Sommers. These events are held at the First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale (FBFL) and vary from a single game of hide and seek to a full-on scavenger hunt requiring participants to complete a series of challenges to receive the prize.

Student leader Jasmine Menauth (11) shared about a Movement event.

“[These events applied] to what we were learning about: having fun and seeing words spoken, connecting with the awesome actions being taken. ” 

The club is held every Tuesday during A and B lunch in the lecture hall.

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