Book Review: Angelfall

Six weeks ago, the world collapsed. Angels invaded. Yes, angels as in the biblical flying men who are said to serve God. However, these angels are not at all like the virtuous servants of gods we know from before. These angels are destructive, cold-hearted, selfish, and even murderous. No one knows what they’re after. Is it the Earth, or are they finally here to destroy humanity once and for all? 

Main character Penryn lives with her mentally ill mother and disabled 7-year-old sister, Paige. After an attempt to escape the city, they run into a group of angels. Next to them is a bleeding man with gashes where wings should be. After Paige is suddenly swooped up by one of the men, Penryn has no idea what to do. What could they possibly want with a human child? All she knows is she must find her sister and she can’t do it alone. She is forced to team up with the fallen angel still lying in the middle of the street. What will happen as Penryn is forced to team up with her natural predator as they run toward certain demise? 

Originally a lawyer, Angelfall author Susan Ee decided that the profession wasn’t for her, so she changed careers and debuted as a writer in 2011. She published her first book Angelfall, the first of the trilogy,  in May of 2011. Not long after, it quickly took off and became an immediate success,  nominated for the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards for the 2011 Best Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction. She went on to publish the rest of the series and inspired many to follow their dreams. Her biggest hit to date is still her Penryn and the End of Days series. It has been translated into over 20 languages across the world, becoming a huge success. Book lovers all around the world should read Angelfall for its action and captivating characterization.

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