LAWTalks are Back!

The Fort Lauderdale High School Pre-Law Magnet Program held its first LawTalk of the 2021-2022 school year on Wednesday, September 15.

“It was so nice that community members continued our LAWTalk program virtually last year, but it is so much better in person!” said Pre-Law Magnet Coordinator Ms. Jennifer Muha.  

Guest speaker Detective Perez of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department spoke about how to become a police officer. Perez also shared some stories about his experience as a police officer and detective. 

“I thought it was interesting on how the job of a police officer is a lot more extended than a normal person would think,” explained Giovanna Pereira (9).  “I liked his stories and the way he told them kept making you want to hear more.” 

Attendees also found Detective Perez to be entertaining and intriguing.

“He was plenty funny! I thought cops were supposed to be more serious so it was new to see a cop like Officer Perez,” said Isabella Polvinale (9). “His story was entertaining and funny. He described it well and answered loads of questions at the end.”

LawTalks have become a popular educational opportunity at FLHS. 

“It has been amazing to see how the program has grown. My first year, we were begging students to attend,” said Ms. Muha. “ Now, I am sending students back to class who arrive late because the Lecture Hall is full!  I love that the magnet students (and others) have discovered just how valuable this opportunity can be!”

Ms. Muha expressed how students should take advantage of the benefits that come from these convenient lectures with guests from multiple law-based professions.

“It is such a great opportunity for our students to make real-world connections with what is being taught in the classroom,” Ms. Muha stated. “I have seen students discover new career interests, meet a professional who later becomes a mentor, and begin internships with a LAWTalk presenter.”  

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