Teacher Feature: Mrs. Lawford

Photo courtesy Mrs. Chaquita Lawford

Mrs. Chaquita Lawford is the new Fashion Design teacher at Fort Lauderdale High School. The 2021-2022 school year is her first year teaching at FLHS. 

Mrs. Lawford was born in Hollywood, Florida, and has lived in Florida for her whole life. She never really thought about moving out of state. 

“I went to school in Florida, everything pretty much in Florida. I never moved from Florida, only for college. And then I came back. I like Florida for the weather.”

She teaches Design Services Core, Principles of Design, Pattern Design Techniques, and Fashion Design Specialist.

“Design Services Core teaches the basics of fashion. In Principles of Design, we understand design elements, shape, and texture. Pattern Design Techniques teaches you how to create your pattern from scratch so that you can make garments. Finally, Fashion Design Specialist completes the four-year course. It allows the students to choose a path of what they want to do in the fashion world and build a portfolio.”

Mrs. Lawford’s goal during her tenure is to expand the fashion program. Not many students know that there are fashion design classes at FLHS or a fashion club. 

“I kind of feel like it is a hidden treasure in the community and also in the district,” Mrs. Lawford explained.

Family is important to Mrs. Lawford.  She and her husband are the parents of a son and a daughter.  She makes sure that she takes time out of her day for her family.

Mrs. Lawford always makes sure that she gives props to the previous fashion design teacher, Callie Melton.

“Mrs. Melton is such a pioneer. She was here for over 30 years doing this program, built it from the foundation, and created what it is now… It’s important to me to give her honor.”

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  1. Wow! What a honor! You deserve this. Keep doing a fabulous job. I miss you much. Not everyone gets a chance of a dream job. You are now in your element. Love ya! Great article!


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