Sweet Success For Local Bakeshop

LoveLee Bakeshop, a new bakeshop located at 603 NE 13th Street in Fort Lauderdale, is one tough cookie. Opened less than a year ago, LoveLee Bakeshop was amassing new and loyal customers until the bakery had to close its doors three months later due to COVID-19. 

“I had to shut down and figure out how to keep my new business afloat, ” owner Lee Mazor explained. “Spring is one of the busier times of the year for restaurants and bakeries so we definitely missed out on potential income and had to be really careful with how we spent our money.”

In an effort to keep employees and customers safe, the bakeshop exclusively offered curbside pickup until late June, when they decided to reopen their doors. They continue to take the necessary precautions to ensure employee and customer safety. 

“We put Plexiglass shields up, require masks and only allow two customers in at a time,” explained Mazor. “This is how we are still running our business and we are open [Thursdays],  Fridays and Saturdays to keep food costs low while still being able to be here for our customers.”

Even during a time of struggle, LoveLee Bakeshop has shown their gratitude towards necessary front-line workers during this unprecedented time in the form of treat boxes and treats.

“We started sending healthcare workers some treat boxes,” Mazor said. “Then the community wanted to pitch in as well, so we accepted donations and delivered treats to five or six hospitals in the area.  We ended up delivering over 2,000 treats to healthcare workers to thank them for their hard work during the pandemic.” 

Even with all the changes, Mazor remains optimistic about her business ventures. “I think we made it past the hardest times and have survived so far.”

In a time of struggle, LoveLee Bakeshop has stayed resilient in running and remaining loyal to their customers. Although it’s an uphill battle, support from the community can aid LoveLee Bakeshop and many other small businesses during a time of financial struggle.

Editor’s note: You can check out LoveLee Bakeshop on their Instagram, Facebook, or on their website.

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