FLHS Drama Returns to the Stage

Fort Lauderdale High School’s Drama Club put on a production of Matilda the Musical on  March 3- 4, 2023.  Matilda marked FLHS’ return to the stage after the effects of Covid-19 hit the world of theater across the globe; the last time there was a musical production at FLHS was in 2019.

Club director Ms. Tatiana Ahlbum shared her thoughts and feelings post-production. 

“Overall, Matilda exceeded all of my expectations and dreams!” Album said. “Many of our students had never been in a musical before, and yet, through countless hurdles, managed to pull off an incredible performance! Madison Halloran (9) was given her first-time lead, and completely blew everyone out of the water,”  said Ahlbum.  

The experience of performing the lead was important for Halloran. 

“Performing is something I’ve loved as a child so being able to express my creativity was a blast. I formed so many bonds with my fellow actors to the point where it felt like no matter our age we were one big theater family,” she shared.

Madison Halloran (9) stars as Matilda in the FLHS production.

The show Matilda holds a sentimental place in Ahlbum’s heart, as she shared that this musical was her favorite when she was in high school. She takes pride in the fact that she could pass the torch to her current students and give them the same sense of fulfillment, passion, and joy that she had when she first watched this musical.

The production had a large ensemble of  cast and crew, and each played a part in the musical’s success.  Juan Rosero (10)  played an important role in helping the production run smoothly, as he worked extremely hard programming the audio and microphones for the cast.

Lighting Director Paula Salvador worked with a lighting professional to learn programming that proved helpful when the crew experienced difficulties.  

“She put together a design in just a few days due to technical issues,” Ahlbum highlighted.

Ahlbum also dedicated a special thank you to Ms. Lawfords fashion students who worked tirelessly on the costumes for the show.

 “Ms. Lawford’s Fashion Design 3 students persevered through close to 60 costumes; without them I do not think we could have managed all of it,”  she said.  

It is safe to say that FLHS’ production of Matilda can be regarded as a success for not only the school, but for everyone involved and the very future of the Drama Club!

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