Read Along with the Book Club!

Xeo Jones (9), Isaac Gafanovich (9), Ms. Heidi Knopp, Emma Taintor (10), Nicolette Jezo (10), and Monica Moya (10) discuss this quarter’s book.

Fort Lauderdale High School’s Book Club is one of the many outstanding clubs at this school! This club takes pride in having students each share their passion and love for reading books. As well as being able to share it as an experience. 

Heidi Knopp, Media Specialist and English Teacher who started the FLHS Book Club in 2015 said, “The goal is for students to read independently on their own time, then meet once a week to engage in discussions and activities that revolve around the novel.”

“Unlike a classroom setting, students are facilitating the discussions in a group setting, rather than the teacher leading the group. Ms. Knopp continued, “Through sharing their thinking, they build a richer understanding than any one student could gain alone.” 

This includes one of the many benefits of joining the Book Club. The club offers many advantages which involve the club members and its sponsor.

“Joining a book club gives you a dedicated reason to read on a regular basis, and with a little friendly pressure from members in the group, you are more likely to actually finish the books you start reading. You can make new friends — not just the fictional ones, either,” Ms. Knopp continued. “You are reading for entertainment, but also learning something insightful about yourself or our society at large. Last, it gives you a break amidst the madness of life! When so much is going on around you, and life is just a little tough, books can be a safe haven.”

Nicolette Jezo (10) became the President of the Book Club due to being more involved in the club this year because of her inspiration and love for reading. Her desire to take a more active role to help the club run is shown through her dedication to the Book Club.

“If you ask me, book club is a very open and welcoming club for both people who do–or ironically don’t–typically read books”, Jezo said. “Our main purpose is to give everyone an opportunity to develop a passion for reading, and a majority of our members have stated that they enjoy the flexibility included in our club.”

Book Club meetings are held every Monday at 3:00 P.M. All are welcome to join.

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