A Scientific Leader

Jordan Minnis (10) directs events as the Mistress of Ceremonies during the annual military inspection of the Flying L Battalion.
Photo courtesy Jordan Minnis

Sophomore student Jordyn Minnis stands out as an exceptional student and classmate who is willing to take the extra step in the community to provide comfort and contentment to those around her.

Her love of science pushed her to become involved in an internship at the Museum of Discovery and Science in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  

“Outside of school, I am currently taking part in an internship at the Museum of Discovery and Science alongside some of my fellow contemporaries at Fort Lauderdale High School,” said Minnis. “I quite enjoy interning at the museum because it provides me with the opportunity to explore my interests in the field of science, and I feel as though I’m able to inspire young, imaginative minds every time I go in.” 

Minnis also expressed how much she loves to lend a helping hand to her community.

“I love to contribute to my community in any way that I can! I volunteer at my local church, participate in beach cleanups, and prior to COVID-19 I even used to volunteer at my mom’s job, helping veterans. I would give the veterans handmade cards for the holidays, help them allocate various essentials, ranging from toothbrushes to combs, and I’ve also been stationed at the front door to greet patients and wish them a nice day.”

Along with being involved in the community, she is also heavily involved in school subjects and clubs, such as JROTC and student government.

Minnis deeply cares about how her fellow students feel, and joining student government has allowed her to act on this feeling. When asked why she desired to join the heavily involved student government she said, 

“Working with student government is something I’ve always wanted to do because it gives me the chance to address the student body’s concerns and work on making school a more safe, inclusive, and supportive environment on the whole, a place that my peers can actually enjoy going to.” 

When she’s not at school Jordyn makes sure that she’s always learning.

“I speak two languages fluently at the moment, Bulgarian and English, and I am currently working towards mastering Spanish,” said Jordyn. “Despite not being much of a risk-taker, I’m always up for trying new experiences, dipping my toes into different cultures, and undertaking any challenge thrown my way.”

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