A School of Distinction

For the 2021-2022 school year, Fort Lauderdale High School received the Magnet Schools of America National Award of Merit School of Distinction. 

“It is a very wonderful award to receive, and we’re very proud of the work put into such a prestigious title,” said FLHS Principal Erin Brown.  

Fort Lauderdale High School Educator and Cambridge Coordinator, Mrs. Deborah Payraudeau, delved deeper into what it means to be awarded this title.

“The MSA award honors the top magnet schools in the United States and recognizes magnet schools that demonstrate commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation and diversity efforts, and consistent delivery of high-quality educational services to all stakeholders,” said Payraudeau.

Administration credited Fort Lauderdale High School staff for this award.

“The exceptional staff for the Pre-Law Magnet Public Affairs and Cambridge programs have received extensive training based on real life experiences,” said Principal Erin Brown. 

“Mr. Evans who teaches firefighting was a firefighter, criminal justice teacher Mr. Ortiz previously worked for the Nypd, as well as the several lawyers on staff.”.

Assistant Principal Mr. Curran also made a point to recognize that the award does not just apply to the magnet programs.  

“Those people are supported by the whole staff because they educate students as well.”

 Curran added. “Staff and students make it possible; one of the things Magnet Schools of America recognizes is the inclusivity of all students. We want every child at FLHS to reach their highest potential.”

Congratulations to the Flying L students and staff!

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