Hispanic and Proud Spotlight: Mr. Rodriguez

Photo courtesy Mr. Eddie Rodriguez

This “Hispanic and Proud Spotlight” is dedicated to Fort Lauderdale High School’s tenth-grade assistant principal, Mr. Eddie Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is a third-generation Puerto Rican Latino who has been at FLHS for 4 years.

Mr. Rodriguez and his parents were all born in the United States, but he takes his Hispanic heritage seriously when it comes to being a role model.  

“My Latino representation matters because I am able to shine a light on cultural barriers and limitations as well as cultural attributes that can motivate a reluctant or culturally insecure learner,” he shared. “The thoughts of not being good enough or smart enough because of our cultural background can have a slight or large influence on our psyche.  My being a representative, a coach, a mentor allows them to have someone they can personally relate to. I became an educator to inspire and educate young people.  The kids are the reason I do what I do.”  

As many Hispanic people are, Mr. Rodriguez is proud of and loves his culture.

“What I love most about my culture is the joy and laughter,” he said. “Also, the value we place on relationships and family.  The family of birth and choice holds more value than money and gold. We just show up at each other’s houses [and] say or ask whatever is on our minds.”  

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