Back to School at the Barbecue

Seniors Rocco Diaz, Karin Rashid, and Charlotte Opris eat out at the senior barbeque.

It has been over a year since the pandemic started and most seniors have not seen each other in months.  The annual Senior Barbecue on April 8 was the first school-sponsored celebratory event for the Class of 2021 and a chance for them to reconnect and return to campus.

“The Senior Barbecue was a wonderful event that allowed our students the opportunity to move through stations in the gym, auditorium, senior patio, and football field while following CDC Guidelines,” said Fort Lauderdale High School Principal Erin Brown. “ It was a great day, and we loved having our seniors back on campus!”  

The event provided the coveted social interaction of being on campus.     

It was almost like a declaration that this was the Class of 2021,” said senior Alesha Archil.  “The majority of us remained home and had our schooling online, so many said that this was their first time back in nearly a year. I think the best part was being together and getting to catch up.”

“I rarely leave the house,” Sarah Thervil (12) said,  “but to be able to attend the senior barbecue and see my friends made me happy. [I] got to hangout with them after, too.”

Students participated in games, made crowns, took selfies at selfie stations, ate BBQ, saw a Senior Slideshow, played trivia games for prizes, did karaoke, and had the opportunity to mingle with their teachers and classmates.

Senior Class Sponsor, Tiffany Colon, was thrilled to finally be able to provide the celebration for the Class of 2020.

“I have been the sponsor of this class since they were freshmen. Not seeing them for over a year has been tough, so I was glad to finally be able to spend time with a lot of them. I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed their time together,” she said.  “Thank you to my Flying L family for helping us.”

Plans are underway for the next on-campus senior celebration, the Aloha Prom, on May 15. “We are all looking forward to seeing everyone at our luau,” shared Colon. “Aloha means hello and goodbye, which for some of us we will be saying for the first and last time to each other this year.”

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