Creating Art for the Environment

A close up photo of a turtle made out of leaves is in the center, surrounded by damp beach sand.
Kayla Fullwood’s piece in its natural habitat.
Photo courtesy of Kayla Fullwood and Mr. Brian Fitzgerald

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused educators to change their ways of teaching and their curriculum. Fort Lauderdale High School’s art teacher, Mr. Brian Fitzgerald, had to use his own creative mind in helping students find materials to use as well as inspire them to create their art.  

One project that stood out in Mr. Fitzgerald’s Sculpture 2 class was a land art piece created by Kayla Fullwood (10). Students needed to achieve the goal of creating a sculpture using only natural materials.  

Fullwood’s idea for the project came from her great concern for the harmful way that society hurts turtles through its careless ways. With Mr. Fitzgerald’s assistance and support, her art shows the beauty and fragility of these creatures.

“I was inspired to create these turtles because our world is facing many environmental problems, and one of them is the rate at which turtles are dying,” explained Fullwood. “It is said that an estimated 4,600 turtles every year are dying due to fishing, plastic rubbish being thrown into the ocean, and other factors such as being killed by birds and crabs. If this continues to happen, sea turtles and other species of turtles will become extinct by 2050… we as people could do more to preserve their lives.”

Fullwood’s creativity shows that during this difficult time for education, there is always a way to show the beauty of nature.  

FLHS students and staff look forward to seeing more of her finished works as she flourishes as an artist. 

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