All-Star Teachers at FLHS

Left: Mrs. Marchionne
Right: Mrs. Wolfe

The Fort Lauderdale High School staff has chosen the annual Employee and Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year. They are Mrs. Cammy Wolfe and Mrs. Chrystina Marchionne respectively.

Mrs. Wolfe has been helping seniors graduate and setting them up for the real world by providing information on scholarships, college applications and financial aid as the Broward Advisors for Continuing Education Program (BRACE) advisor for FLHS since 2012. After eight years of guiding students towards their futures, she was chosen by her peers for the Employee of the Year award. 

“Mrs. Wolfe brings a passion that ignites and motivates students to strive for excellence in school and explore the countless opportunities available to them,” said Principal Erin Brown. “She gives of her time to hold engaging opportunities for parents and students to learn about post-secondary opportunities.”

Mrs. Wolfe is  grateful to be able to receive this award and represent FLHS as the Employee of the Year. She is also a Broward County Public Schools Caliber Award Semi-Finalist in the category.  

“I think that it is especially an honor to win this award at FLHS. The level of dedication at our school is rare,” said Mrs. Wolfe.  “To be chosen by my peers, who are doing amazing things themselves every day, is truly humbling. I work hard to present different options and guide students in making that decision. I appreciate being recognized for that work.” 

After 18 years of directing, choreographing, and producing, FLHS drama and media teacher Mrs. Marchionne also accepted her accolade as Teacher of the Year.  She teaches three different courses: Theater & Pre-AICE Drama, AICE Media Studies, and AICE Drama. 

 “I was surprised and honored to be named this year’s Teacher of the Year,” said Mrs. Marchionne. “It is an honor to represent FLHS this year as Teacher of the Year.”

“Mrs. Marchionne is a Fort Lauderdale High School powerhouse and the face of Fort Lauderdale High,” commented Mrs. Brown. “Additionally, Mrs. Marchionne gives off her time to volunteer with the graduation program and preparation each year making our graduation one of the best in Broward County.”

After 18 years of teaching at FLHS she has built a close relationship with her former and current students.

“My favorite thing about FLHS is that we are a family.” said Mrs. Marchionne. “I love that even years after they graduate, I get text messages and emails from them. I love being a part of someone’s high school memory.”

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