Girls Soccer Wins First Districts

The 2022-2023 Fort Lauderdale High School Girls Soccer Team made school history with their Broward County 6A District 13 win. The Flying L’s beat the Blanche Ely Tigers 8-0 for the district title. 

Chelcy McNally (11) scored four of the goals for the team. 

“I felt really excited because it was the first district win for girls soccer in 30 years, probably even ever. It was also good because we won by a lot of points,” said McNally.

McNally along with the rest of the team were led by co-captains Daniella Escobar (11) and Lily O’Neil (11). Both players have pride in their positions and worked hard in leading the team to victory. They emphasized the importance of team bonding, and how it helped with their big win.

“Being captain was a position that I felt honored to have, but with no distinction from any of the other girls on the team,” said Escobar. “We really are a team that worked together combining each unique and valuable thing every player had to offer, which led to our success throughout the season.” 

Escobar and O’Neil have been on the team for three years, but this is their first year as captains. They emphasized how the team worked as a team and not just as individual players.  O’Neil saw the potential that the team had and was able to help them reach it.

“I knew it was possible,” said O’Neil. “As the season progressed everyone on the team visibly grew more confident in themselves, and along with our coach’s encouragement, I knew we could do it.” 

The team is very proud to have won districts, making it further than any other Flying L Girls Soccer Team. Lola Mackie (10) scored one of the eight goals in the district game. 

“Being the first girls team at Fort Lauderdale to win a regional game gave us so much determination and excitement to keep winning. I knew all along it was possible for my team to make it as far as we did, I just knew we all had to want it,” said Mackie.

The team hopes to accomplish another district win and even go further next season. 

“Into the next season, I am more confident in this team than I have ever been,” O’Neil said. “The majority of our team will be seniors that have been playing together for years so I know then chemistry on the field will continue to grow and build us into a better team.”

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