Drama Club’s Return to the Stage

Fort Lauderdale High School offers an array of clubs and activities, Drama Club being one of them! The club’s director is Social Studies teacher, Ms.Tatiana Ahlbum. 

The club is being revived and renewed after changes brought about by Covid-19. 

“Our goals are to rebuild after the pandemic and produce a musical that continues to foster a love of theater for years to come,” said Ahlbum.

The club is gearing up for a busy second half of the year with several competitions and the first musical production since 2019. Ahlbum and her thespians look forward to it.  

“This year we are competing at Thespies, the District competition, as well as in the state festival in March, and we are doing the first musical in three years at this school!” said Ahlbum.  “We are doing Matilda the Musical on March 3 and 4, 2023.”

Club Co-President Foster Fowler (12), shared her thoughts on the musical.

“I’m beyond overjoyed; this is the craft that I’ve dedicated my life toward and I’m so glad to be able to experience it again at school and be in a leadership position. I think we’re making something really special.”

Deciding on what musical to produce is a lengthy process and involves much preparation with the administration and the state. Productions of a musical require quite an array of people, and Ahlbum’s expectations shed light on just how many people are needed to put on a musical:

30-50 people for the entire production, full cast including technical crew.

“There is a whole process to acquire the rights to the show and part of that process is it has to be kept secret until everything is finalized on the legal side. I sent Mrs. Brown an email with three different musical [options] back in the summer, and then I have to begin the approval process with Ms. Thompson and the licensing company.”  

As a final word of wisdom, Ms. Ahlbum shared what she wants those considering joining Drama Club to know: 

“Do it! There is a space in Drama Club for every type of person, whether you like to perform or like to be backstage, whether you are into sound production or you are into creating props or costume design, as well as acting and singing. If you have any questions about earning service hours or getting more involved on campus, talk to me or any Drama Club officer.”

For any updates on the Drama Club, follow ‘flyingltheatre’ on Instagram, and join the Remind in their bio!

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