Black Student Union: Under New Management

Fort Lauderdale High School’s Black Student Union club is back in action and with new officers.

The club is sponsored by Dr. Angela Morrison, who states the club’s goal is to expose students to various aspects of their culture. On the second and fourth Mondays of every month from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., they meet in room 518 to discuss topics such as feeling accepted in predominantly white spaces, the effects of colorism, and types of discrimination.

 “A lot of times, black issues have to go suppressed, so creating a place where we can educate and have students connect and just have a sense of community is important overall,” said former club President Aljeanae Pierre (12) on the club’s importance.  

BSU welcomes people of all backgrounds but remains a Black-led club. They bring people together by hosting group conversations where people can speak their minds, express their feelings about their community, and relate to people like them. 

“It is important to be able to openly discuss societal problems like race, and it helps us understand issues we don’t really think about. If it doesn’t affect us, we tend to forget about it or not think about it,” explained current club President Dartamian Dorelien (11).

In past meetings, members have discussed Sickle Cell disease, an ailment that mainly affects African Americans, and whether or not black people are well represented in the media. These conversations really bring out the “Union” of the Black Student Union.

The club not only discusses Black issues, but it also works toward improving the Black community. The club has several events lined up for the year like the Black History Showcase and the Black Professionals Summit. 

To keep up with the club and upcoming events follow @flhsbsu on Instagram.

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